[Talk-at] toilets:wheelchair and wheelchair=unknown

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[Talk-at] toilets:wheelchair and wheelchair=unknown

marc marc

First of all I apologize for writing in English, but unfortunately I am
unable to speak German.
Do not hesitate to answer in the language of your choice, I will use a
translator if necessary.

On the french-speaking and German mailing lists, a discussion took place
about the problems related to wheelchair tags.
These problems have also affected Austria, it's why I'm posting this

1) change wheelchair_toilet and wheelchair:toilets to toilets:wheelchair=*
wheelchair_toilet was the old tag before the approved features
toilets:wheelchair 4 years ago.
wheelchair:toilets was a typo on the German page (it has
wheelchair:toilets and toilets:wheelchair)
all apps and sites I have check are using toilets:wheelchair or are
broken but some datas have not yet been migrated
I have do a manuel fix for the 39 affectes objects in Austria

2) purge wheelchair=unknown toilets:wheelchair=unknown and
Rationale : without a wheelchair or toilets:wheelchair tag,
accessibility of a poi or toilets of a poi is already unknown. It was a
bug on wheelpmap.org that added the unknown status when a user did not
fill in all the fields or change the previous value. This bug seems
fixed because I haven't seen a recent case.
It also happend that a mapper 'll all field that the editor show.

If no one objects, I'll fix it in a few days.

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